URGENT! Worldwide attention needed to stop NY Governor from sneaking through indefinite detention, much more. Clock on link to take action, then share as widely as possible.
Two more US States are planning the same.
Stopping NY Health Tyranny Regs
Please share this action item widely. National and International attention to the intended end run around the legislative process is tremendously important to stop the emerging tyrannical actions of NY’s governor and her henchmen.
NY State is planning to approve horrifying regulations which would allow the indefinite detention of anyone identified as a potential threat to public health for any reason without review, appeal or due process.
In addition, school nurses could inject any child with anything deemed appropriate regardless of parental agreement and the number of mandated employees to be jabbed is expanded greatly. Further, employers are required to maintain records on them and provide them without informed consent to the State.
Dr. Rima

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