Child Protective Service Involvement

Each day, a family fight for survival through food, living situations, or maintaining a healthy relationship between themselves and each other. However, there are times when child protection services, or CPS, are involved, shaking up the household.

Most parents refuse to seek therapy or medical attention regarding their mental stability in fear of saying the wrong thing to trigger a child protection services case. Instead of discussing their concerns and fears with a professional, the parents bottle everything inside. Sometimes this unhealthy habit spews out, causing more damage in the household rather than preventing their worst fear from coming to life.

Although many families believe that CPS divides the household, there are several workers that focus on saving children from meeting unfortunate fates. Whether we believe the caseworker or not relies solely on the parental judgment and the atmosphere of the household itself. If the child is living in poor living conditions, receiving terrible nutrition and care, or seems unfit for their age, then CPS will need to be involved.

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